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Nakano Kitaguchi Jujiro Street Offical Site

Hari Salon potato Nakano

I was looking for a salon like this in Nakano …

* A sophisticated and cozy salon run by a married couple, a must-see trend transmission salon for girls, is NEW OPEN! !!

Upgrade every day with the popular color technique ☆

If you want to get a higher-grade feeling of mellowness and a sense of omission, use potato ☆ Help you to like you more



☆ Open on Tuesdays ☆
Even if you cannot make an online reservation, you may be able to make a reservation by phone, so please feel free to call us.

Closed: 1st Tuesdays / Other irregular holidays

Credit Card Available.
VISA, JCB, MasterCard and others.

☎︎ 03-5942-5717
 Hotpepper https://beauty.hotpepper.jp/slnH000433334/