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Nakano Kitaguchi Jujiro Street Offical Site


Greetings from the Chairman of Nakano Kitaguchi Jujiro Street:


Nakano Jujiro Shopping Street has a long history. It began when Shinshokai was set up in 1950, during the post-war reconstruction period. In 1964, the year of the Tokyo Olympics, Nakano street was extended to the north, from Arai crossing to Tetsugakudo, with Shinshokai also changing its name to Nakano Kitaguchi Jujiro Street. The beautiful cherry blossoms which lined the streets all those years ago still remain today.

I believe that having an energetic and buzzing shopping street is crucial to keep local towns alive, as they are the heart of any community. That is why I would like to create the shopping street along with everyone who lives in Nakano.

We recently launched an official website to make Nakano town even more energized. You will find many fascinating and unique shops in this town. Come and visit! Something new awaits.


Chairman of Nakano Kitaguchi Jujiro Street
Onomichi Masaomi