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Nakano Kitaguchi Jujiro Street Offical Site

We received the impressions of the Sakura Photo prize-winning works and their appreciation.

Hello, this is Nakano North Exit Crossroads Store Association.

The other day, I introduced that Kenko Kinner is exhibiting the prize-winning works of the 4th Sakura Photo Contest.

I would like to introduce the prizewinners who came to see their work and received very happy impressions.


Nakano North Exit Crossroads Store Association Secretariat

This time, we received a happy award and were able to deliver bright news to all of our relatives and family.

I went to see the photo exhibition immediately.
I was looking forward to it, so thank you for contacting me.

I have another memory.

We pray for the further development of the Nakano North Exit Crossroads Store Association.

Ai Matsumoto


A baby who is surprised at her appearance is so cute! !!

I hope it will be a fun memory even after I grow up big (^^).