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[CLOCHETTE CAFÉ ]Excellent fresh herbal tea and waffles

This is the Nakano North Exit Crossroads Store Association.

“Clochette Cafe” in San Walle came to interview us when we heard that fresh herbal tea will be resumed from April 8th!
I can ask for hot and ice cream, but this time I asked for hot.
Fresh herbal tea is a teapot service. You can drink 2 cups in 1 pot.
It seems that you can also add hot water.
It seems that there are two types, refresh tea and red refresh tea, but this time I asked for let refresh tea.
I’m excited to see what the color will be!


Light the pot and wait until the hourglass is over and you’re done!


The beautiful pink tea is wonderful.

As the ingredients of the herbs are steadily increasing, the second cup has a more beautiful red color.
Just looking at it makes me mesmerized.

A slightly sour and refreshing herbal scent spreads throughout your mouth.
It is rich in vitamin C and is effective for rough skin, so it is recommended for women! !! !! !!

The sourness of blueberries, crispy waffles and fluffy cream were excellent.
It goes well with fresh herbal tea.

I also had a blended coffee and Cafe Mocha.
Cafe Mocha with plenty of whipped cream has a sweet and blissful taste.

Surprisingly, you can enjoy seasonal sweets on the cake.
The inside of the store is bright with light and you can spend a relaxing time, so it is recommended for those who want to relax.

Please come and visit us!


Open: 10:00~19:00
Closed: Saturdays

Credit Card Available.
VISA, JCB, MasterCard and others.
Electronic Money: Travel cards, auPay, PayPay, R Pey