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Nakano Kitaguchi Jujiro Street Offical Site

History of Nakano Kitaguchi Jujiro Street

Hello, this is Nakano North Exit Crossroads Store Association.

This time, I would like to introduce the history of the Shotenkai.

In 1950, during the postwar economic recovery, the “Shinshokai”, the predecessor of the Nakano North Exit Crossroads Store Association, was formed.
At that time, Nakano-dori was short and only reached the Arai intersection.

In 1964, in the year of the Tokyo Olympics, Nakano Dori extended north from the Arai intersection and opened to the Philosophy Hall.
At that time, the name was changed to “Nakano North Exit Crossroads Store Association”, and it continues to this day.

Since that time, various shops have lined up, and the tree-lined avenue of cherry blossoms has been a nice street.